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Thrive Medical is a care provider and is able to provide assistance in navigating the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Our website will include information outlining how to receive supports under the NDIS, so that eligibility to access the NDIS can be determined. This information will also be available in hardcopy and can be provided in multiple languages, as required.

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Care Services Broken Hill


Our experienced nurses can provide assistance with wound care, catheter care, nursing assessments, medication management, post-operative care, bowel care, wound swabs and palliative care. 

These qualified healthcare professionals can also provide education to support workers, to ensure consistency in care.

Support Coordination

Support Coordination helps link you with available NDIS services. Our support coordinator will also help in working out what things you need and help you access them.

Personal Training

Based on a progressive strength and conditioning model, our personal trainers aim to help you build strength, function, and endurance for everyday life.

Therapy Assistant

This specialist provides 1:1 support to participants to work on programs set by our therapy team.

Care Services

Thrive Medical and Health in Broken Hill is an NDIS registered provider for:

We can assist with respite services in your home. This may be for a few hours during the day or evening, overnight or potentially a weekend.   

In-home respite is provided to assist families and carers to recharge in a variety of ways such as going out for dinner, exercising, getting an interrupted night’s sleep or going away for a weekend. 

We provide assistance with personal care and domestic tasks such as showering, dressing, laundry, meal preparation and shopping. This service is client-centred and based on the goals of the individual. 

Our team can assist with financial education, cooking skills and social skills to enable independence. We can also assist with learning to access public transport.

We provide support to help you engage in social or recreational activities. This can be different for each person but could be going to the footy, out for a coffee, for a walk or going to Zumba!