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Troy Wilkins

Personal Training

Rehabilitation Centre Manager

Troy has 20 + years experience of training and 10 + years experience coaching in the fitness industry.  Troy and his wife Erica saw the need for locally based quality coaching and nutritional guidance and formed Wilkins Training and Nutrition.


Troy is accredited with the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association (ASCA Level 1)and has also completed his Strength System International Certification Level 2 as well as other various courses and continues to further his education.


Troy’s background has been in strength training, however since starting Wilkins Training and Nutrition his main area of interest is body recomposition.  He has found the most rewarding part of this to be the secondary change this has with his clients confidence and self esteem.


Troy also has found satisfaction in working with clients which chronic conditions.  Troy’s philosophy encourages safe movement patterns to improve functionality in day to day living.  Troy’s strengths are in his client centred approach, his ability to build rapport with his down to earth nature, and prides himself on applying evidence based practices in the fitness industry.