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Erica Wilkins

Personal Training

Personal Training / Nutrition

Erica has 10 years training experience in hypertrophy, strength and conditioning. Her love for training led to her achieving a Level 1 Strength and conditioning certification with the ASCA.


Erica developed first hand experience in the impact dietary concerns could have on energy, productivity, and mood. This sparked Erica’s interest in to further study in nutrition. Erica now holds a Level 1 Performance Nutrition certification with the Clean Health Institute. Erica and her husband, Troy, developed Wilkins Training and Nutrition after seeing a need for local, evidence based, client centred services in the area of nutrition.


Erica strengths are in her ability to work with clients to produce sustainable meal plans with ‘normal food’ and personalised to the individuals needs. Her greatest satisfaction is seeing the impact and change good nutrition can have in a clients life.