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THRIVE provides a safe space for our members to be themselves and to feel comfortable exercising in the company of like- minded people.  We THRIVE on providing a fun, safe, inclusive, non-intimidating health and wellness experience for all our clients.

Our health center houses all the additional features that enhance the wellness experience including sauna, ice baths,  nutritional coaching, small group sessions, personal training and group classes.

Personal Training

Managed by Meg Ryan, our team of PT’s lead by Troy Wilkins from Wilkins Training and Nutrion, Leah Egan and Ben Hickey believe movement is vital for everyone’s wellbeing irrespective of age, gender or ability.  Our staff will work with you in identifying and working towards your goals with safe movement patterns.  All our staff hold a Level 1 in Strength and Conditioning through ASCA.


Partnering with Erica from Wilkins Training and Nutrition, we offer meal plans and dietary advice.


We are an NDIS provider for Therapeutic Supports and are able to use the rehabilitation area to provide 1:1 therapy programs with either our therapist or therapy assistant. Our programs are designed to help you achieve your goals.

Open Gym

Our new equipment and flexible hours are designed to accommodate everyone including shift workers and new mums.